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2018 Advent Address with December Services



Dear Friends,

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness had not overcome it.” That’s how the Gospel of John describes Jesus coming into the world – light shining in the darkness, and being triumphant. It’s great imagery for this time of year, as the nights get longer and dark falls earlier and earlier. In fact Christmas is just after the shortest day, and that might have been a deliberate choice by the early church. Certainly it’s true things seem worse in the dark, and all our fears can be harder to cope with at night.

2000 years ago the specific problems people worried about were different, but there are broad similarities with today. They worried about what was happening to their nation, and international concerns, just as we do. They would have been coping with problems in their families and friends, just as we are. And to those people, frightened by the darkness, Jesus came with the light of God’s love, to warm them, guide them and strengthen them.

When we look at the problems around us it is easy to lose heart, and to think that the darkness cannot be beaten. When we look at Jesus, we are reminded that God loves us, and the victory is ultimately his. I like the old translation of those opening words, “The light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not”. Darkness, no matter how strong it seems, cannot even understand what light is doing. So love must finally triumph over hate, truth over lies, and hope over despair, because all these qualities ultimately come from God. As we prepare for Christmas, we are preparing to celebrate that God had come to us – born into poverty, sharing our problems, taking the worst that the world could throw at him, and yet showing the final victory of love.

Wherever you and your loved ones are, may you know that love this Christmas.

God bless,


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