Winkfield and Cranbourne Churches

Exodus Youth Group

Exodus - Benefice Youth Group - Meeting on the first Sunday of the month from 6.00-7.00pm, at either

* Autumn & Winter time

Tanglewood, Birch Lane, Long Hill Road, Chavey Dow, SL5 8RF

Spring & Summer time

St Peter's Church, Hatchet Lane, Cranbourne, SL4 2EG.

Reverend Huw, will be running this for all the young people of the Benefice, and their friends, in Years 6-9, and it will be a mixture of fun and Christian teaching. Please let Huw know if you would like to come. 

If any adults would like to help that would be grand too, again please contact Huw.

Please bring refreshments to share.

Dates for September 2017to July 2018:

* Sunday 6th January 2019    

* Sunday 3rd February 2019  

* Sunday 3rd March 201

Sunday 7th April 2019

Sunday 5th May 2019

Sunday 2nd June 2019

Sunday 7th July 2019

No session in August

Sunday 8th September 2019

* Sunday 6th October 2019

* Sunday 3rd November 2019

* Sunday 1st December 2019


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