Explorers at St Martin's is closed at the moment

Explorers logoSt Martin’s Church, Chavey Down

Jesus welcomed the little children and if you are aged 4 – 11 then we say to you...


‘Welcome to Explorers -
where friends, fun and faith meet together!’

Faith is a journey and like all good journeys you’ll need a map, a compass and companions on the road.  ‘Explorers’ is a place where children can step out on their faith journey.  They will be guided in the scriptures, given opportunity to pray and encouraged to explore the Christian faith.

All in a fun filled hour.

Parents, what you need to do is make sure they turn up and we, with God’s guidance, will do the rest.

For further information about Explorers - click here to download our leaflet.

If you want to contact us - please contact the church office