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St Mary’s Winkfield

St Marys church

St Mary's church provides an opportunity for people of all ages to worship in a traditional but friendly atmosphere. 

We use the 1662 Book of Common Prayer at our Morning Prayer and Communion services and take our readings from the King James version of The Bible.

SERVICE PATTERN FOR EACH MONTH (unless otherwise advised in the weekly notice sheet or parish magazine)

1ST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH   10am       Family Communion 

                                             11:45am  Holy Baptisms

2ND SUNDAY OF THE MONTH   8am         Holy Communion (BCP)

                                             10am       Family Matins

3RD SUNDAY OF THE MONTH    9:30am   Family Praise

                                              11am      Holy Communion (BCP)

4TH SUNDAY OF THE MONTH    9:30am   Messy Church

                                              11am      Morning Prayer

5TH SUNDAY OF THE MONTH     9.30am   Family Praise

                                               11am      Morning Prayer

We will guard the truth, lift up the name of Jesus without fear and ensure that in times to come everyone will be able to worship in our beautiful building.

The ancient church building has stood on its present site in the heart of Winkfield for at least 700 years. It is famous for its unusual oak pillars along the centre of the aisle, one given to the Church by Elizabeth 1st.


Church Road,

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FRIENDS OF ST MARY'S WINKFIELD -  (Charity No. 1162342). Chairman: Mrs Lesley Philpot  Tel: 01344 427561.  Treasurer: Anthony Hodson  Tel: 01344 483347.  Website: or or click here for a link to all activities and events relating to the Friends for example:

*  The Organ Pipe Sponsorship Appeal;

*  The Music and Merriment Christmas Concert on the 1st December

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