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Zoom-CHRISTINGLE- 11am SUNDAY 6th Dec 2020

St Peter’s Church

11am ZOOM - Christingle Service

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(NB. When directed by the service minister - please make your own Christingle as part of the service’s proceedings.  The full ingredient list is as stated below.)

Christingle - photo

                                     Please join us for a special celebration...  Shining light into darkness

Zoom logging details as stated below:

Logging On Time: 10:45AM London. 
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Meeting ID: 847 9171 2258
Password:  553383



Dear Friends, at this service, when asked to do so, please could each household safely light two candles “as visible symbols of the HOPE, PEACE and light of life, Jesus Christ”. 

NB. For those with vulnerable adults, babies and children and in an effort to keep everyone safe. You are welcome to download from the parish website an * 'ADVENT CANDLE' illustration which could be used as a craft resource for colouring, cutting, and gluing your own four Advent Candles. Please do bring your paper/card candles or drawings to all of the Zoom - Advent services. *  please  click here for the illustration below:

advent crown col sheet

advent crown col sheet -

ALSO, when directed to do so, it is hoped that everyone will take part in the making of their own CHRISTINGLE’S during the ‘activity’ section of this service.

For this activity you will need the following ingredients:

INGREDIENTS LIST: (see illustration below):

1 x small orange

1 x small star sticker

1 x piece of red ribbon to go round the orange - or use a strip of red card or draw round your orange (at the right time in the service) using a red pen.

1 x black pen.

A small piece of tin foil.

 4 x cocktail sticks.

Some small soft sweets.

Some pieces of dried fruit.

 1 x birthday cake candle with candle holder. 

Christingle Ingredients - Zoom 11am 6th Dec

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Alison Burt at the church office or check out the website page>. 

Christingle – the service for all ages that welcomes the whole community

After the service, do check out the Children’s Society website and if you can - please could you donate.  Thank you!



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