Eulogy for Simon Baynes

Taken from the Jul 2022 Parish News...


We are sad to have to report the death of Revd Simon Baynes on Tuesday 7 June 2022. Simon was the Vicar of Winfield from 1984 to his retirement in 1999, looking after all three churches in the benefice. 

In this he was strongly helped by his wife Caroline, and they were much loved for their ministry when they were with us. His lively and enquiring mind brought a keen wit, and sometimes an unexpected viewpoint. He was a poet, and being a poet carries a need to think deeply – sometimes challenging convention. Although Winkfield may not have been as exciting or as exotic as Simon’s missionary work in Japan, he was deeply interested in the Winkfield community and in its long historic roots. Many of us took part in the ‘Winekas’ Field’ pageant that he wrote and directed, in which characters from the past were brought to life, and these included local people who also contributed to the life of the City of London. He published a book on local history – the ‘Winkfield Chronicles’, which is available from Amazon. We were honoured by Simon’s occasional visit to Winkfield with Caroline, when we were able to enjoy his lively mind again. - 4 - Many are the people living in our area who were baptised or married by Simon. And many in our graveyards were celebrated in their final committals. 

And now we mourn him and we send our deepest commiserations to Caroline and his family. 

Requescat in pace – may he rest in peace.

by kind permission of Anthony Hodson, Editor,
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Simon was Vicar for the churches of Winkfield St Mary's, Cranbourne St Peter's and St Martin's Chavey Down from 1984 until he retired with his wife Caroline to Thame in 1999.  Simon and Caroline worked as missionaries in Japan for sixteen years and shared three children together.  Simon was a graduate of New College, Oxford and Wycliffe Hall, Simon penned many poems and books... even a hymn for St Martin's Church where he was Vicar.  Simon was an active member of our CADS (Cranbourne Amateur Dramatic Society) and took part in a number of their plays.

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... But finally

the last and forever lasting
sheltered accommodation
wraps the soul with singing.

The light perfectly meets
the body and its demands.

Man goes to his long home,
entrance is free, and the resident
warden never fails.

Simon Baynes

Excerpt from Sheltered Accommodation
Written by Simon Baynes

We would like to share some personal memories of Simon. He was as is already recorded a very well educated and talented man as well as being an inspirational shepherd to his flock here in Cranbourne and Winkfield. But he was also a very thoughtful and humble man. Back in the eighties he encouraged Pat to join a Bible group at the vicarage after advising her to buy the Good News Bible to make studying the Word easier. He also encouraged Roger to get confirmed and take his faith a step further. Roger also has fond memories of being on stage with him as a fellow member of CADS. 

We send our condolences to Caroline, Dan, Colin and Lucy.

... Roger & Pat Fletcher 

A man with many sides. We enjoyed his dry sense of humour always at an unexpected moment. He was so proactive joining in whole heartedly with St Peters fund raising events. Not a person to sit on the side-lines.
Within days of us moving to Woodside almost 40 years ago he paid a visit welcoming us to the parish.
He will never be forgotten by our family.
It will take someone very special to take his place, a hard man to follow!
...Linda & Richard Jolley