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Our Ministry Team

  Patrick - June 2020 Reverend  Patrick Mukholi (Interim Minister).  As informed by the letter from +Olivia, Bishop of Reading. To see her letter click here. Patrick, is taking on the important post of Interim Minister, with full agreement of the PCCs and also of Revd Huw Mordecai, who has been consulted at every step. Revd Patrick is a very experienced priest with a special interest in pastoral care and his CV can be viewed here.

Reverend Huw Mordecai - (Vicar)  - currently on sick leave. Huw Mordecai was a curate at Gillingham in Kent, and has spent most of his ministry as a school chaplain, in this country and Australia. The people of this Benefice have drawn him back to parish ministry, because of the warm welcome he received whenever he visited here.

Reverend Jennifer Jones - (Priest) - currently on sick leave.

Stuart Ager (Licensed Lay Minister) has been attached to St Peter's church, Cranbourne since 1995 and has been a Reader/LLM since 1989. He was head of RE in a secondary school before joining a Christian publishing company.  Stuart is retired.

  Alison  Alison Burt (Authorised Licence to Preach) has authorisation to preach within the Parish valid until 2025 and by background is a clerical administrator.

  John Kimbell  John Kimbell (Authorised Licence to Preach)  joined the Ministry Team in 2019, taking on some of Mary Knight’s LLM roles when she retired. He is also the Archivist at Lambrook School in Winkfield Row. 

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