Winkfield, Cranbourne & Chavey Down Churches

Our Wardens and Treasurers

The Church Wardens

St Martin's

Currently this is a vacant position - if you have any questions please contact the church office.

St Mary's

Lesley Philpot - St Mary's, Church Warden Tel No: 01344 427561. Email ID:

St Mary's, Deputy Church Warden - Sharon C and Jonathan Hemsley

St Peter's

Anne Crewe - St Peter's, Church Warden Tel No: 01344 885091.  Email ID:

St Peter's, Deputy Church Warden - Vacant position

The Church Treasurers

Colin Yates is the treasurer for Winkfield and takes financial responsibility for St Martin's Chavey Down and St Mary's Winkfield.

Richard Burton is the treasurer for Cranbourne and takes financial responsibility for St Peter's Cranbourne.

Contacting the Treasurers

The Church Treasurers may be contacted via the Church Office.


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