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Our PCCs

A PCC is a Parochial Church Council and consists of the clergy and churchwardens of the parish, together with a number of representatives of the laity elected by the annual parochial church meeting of each parish. 

Its powers and duties are defined by legislation, and it has the responsibility of co-operating with the interim minister in promoting the mission of the Church in its parish.

Formally, a PCC is responsible for the financial affairs of the Church and the care and maintenance of the church fabric and its contents.

Members of Cranbourne PCC include:Stuart Ager, Jane Lister, Andrea Stephens and Gloria Thirtle-Watts plus the Interim Minister (Huw Mordecai), Lay Chair (Simon Wilcock), Church Warden (Anne Crewe), Hon. Secretary (Penny Stringer), Hon. Treasurer (Richard Burton),

Deanery Synod representative(s): Terry Allen

Standing Committee representatives:  The Interim Minister (Huw Mordecai), Lay Chair (Simon Wilcock), Church Warden (Anne Crewe), Hon. Secretary (Penny Stringer) and Hon. Treasurer (Richard Burton).

The Cranbourne PCC may be contacted via the Church Office by email - please - click here.

Members of Winkfield PCC include: The Interim Minister, The Churchwardens, Deputy Churchwardens, Deanery Synod Representative, LLMs, Lay Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Sally Beer, Mary Knight, Margaret Smith, Margaret Taylor, Marian Stevens

Deanery Synod representatives: - Mary Knight & Lesley Philpot

Standing Committee representative(s):  The Interim Minister (Huw Mordecai), Church Wardens (Robert Graham at St Martin's) and (Lesley Philpot at St Mary's), Deputy Church Wardens (Vacant position at St Martin's) and (Sharon C plus Jonathan Hemsley at St Mary's).  Hon. Treasurer (Colin Yates).

The Winkfield PCC may be contacted via the Church Office by email please - click here. 

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