Sustainability Plan


Our Parish needs your help.  Please take time to read Revd. Patrick’s note to all members, regarding the plans currently being made to put together a Parish Financial Sustainability Plan.  

Help us to find ways to contribute and continue the life and energy of our wonderful Parish. 


Dear Friends, we stand at the brink of a crucial decision concerning our Parish. We have been asked to come up with a Parish Financial Sustainability Plan which looks into how this parish can sustain its mission and ministry. 

Difficult questions are being asked and we must seek the answers.  

What is the church for?  

What is a minister for?  

What is the role of each and every congregant?  

What is it that makes people leave go elsewhere and no new ones come to us? 

Why would the young shun our churches to go to neighbouring Parishes? 

Will our church still be here in another ten or twenty years? 

If not, what do we do differently to change that? 

Madness has sometimes been defined as doing the same thing, the same way and expecting different outcomes.


Download the draft document

Any questions, please speak to Patrick directly or contact your church warden – contact details are as stated below:

St Martin’s:       
Interim Minister:      Reverend Patrick Mukholi / 01344 867991 / 07448 794154

St Mary’s         
Church Warden
:        Lesley Philpot,                 / 01344 427561

St Peter’s            
Church Warden:        
Anne Crewe / 01344 885091