St Mary's Women's Guild


For 60 years the members of St Mary’s Church, Winkfield’s Women’s Guild have been a quiet force to be reckoned with, offering stalwart work of all kinds to support and help maintain this historic place of worship, dating from 1298, and to provide fellowship.  Its contribution is considerable.


The Guild was founded on 24th April 1963 by Mrs Jane Cullen and Mrs Ann Whittington.


The Guild’s purposes are:

·         To beautify the church and its fabric in all possible ways

·         To provide fellowship and friendship to its members.


The Guild meets on the second Tuesday of each month, apart from January, at 2.30pm in St Mary’s Church, Winkfield. 


Tuesday 14 November – Arrangements for Christmas Tree Festival to be agreed

Tuesday 12 December – Christmas service led by John Kimbell (venue TBA)


All are welcome.

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